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We customize our services according to your needs

Through our services, we contribute to the readiness of local authorities against the increased frequency of dangerous and extreme weather events, a fact that will have a direct impact on reducing losses in terms of lives, properties, infrastructure, and resource conservation. Consequently, the sense of security among citizens is enhanced, along with the overall trust in governing bodies. All these lead to a solely positive influence on public opinion, promoting local authorities as a 'model,' increasing their visitation, and even attracting new investments.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Emergency notification for extreme weather events

Emergency notification at the local level for the arrival of extreme weather phenomena and their estimated intensity. The process is carried out in phases, according to the latest information that emerges over the days.

Citizens' update: there is the possibility of sending notifications to citizens (e.g., residents of a specific Municipality) via SMS. This notification is sent in case we expect extreme weather phenomena classified as the highest level of risk (red).

Emergency fire risk notification

Warning of conditions favoring the occurrence/spread of fire in forested areas at a local level. The process is carried out in phases, according to the latest information that emerges over the days.

Constant observation

Continuous meteorological support continuing during extreme weather events or fires regarding the evolution of weather conditions, according to the latest data from forecasting models and official agencies emerging hour by hour. 

Weather forecasts

Providing weather forecast for the area and the period of interest.  

The update is not limited to sending the forecast as...

  • We monitor the development of real weather conditions

  • We provide ongoing weather support via email, phone, etc.

  • We update existing forecasts in case the forecasts change.

8 - 15 day weather trend

In case of indications of significant deterioration in weather conditions or risk of fire within the next 8 - 15 days in the wider area, the interested party will be notified of this possibility. Although such assessments have lower verification rates compared to 2-3 day forecasts, they can detect significant weather events over a longer period, such as the trend of adverse weather occurrences in the area of interest during a specific period.

Monthly estimates

Estimated average weather picture for the next month. The estimate for the next month is given to the interested party around the 20th of the current month. Estimates of this kind, although general, can detect various trends for the next month, such as the tendency to have higher rain heights than is usual for the season in the wider area of interest. 

Seasonal estimates

Estimation of weather deviations in relation to climate data for the next season as a whole. The estimate for the next season is given to the interested party about 10 days before the start of the next season.

These are general estimates with a low percentage of verification, from which, however, various trends can be detected for the next season, such as the existence of lower pressures than usual for the season in Greece, which would signal a positive deviation of rainfall in relation to with the normal (usual) levels of the season. 

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