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We provide meteorological support to Local Authorities such as Local Government Organizations to help them make the right decisions (learn more)

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We provide meteorological support to companies, such as those operating in the energy sector, construction, tourism, and entertainment, as well as rural cooperatives. (learn more)


We provide meteorological support to individuals who depend on weather conditions for their daily activities, such as outdoor sports, excursions, and outdoor events (learn more)



SPC is the first Greek company to provide personalized meteorological services. 

We provide meteorological support to Companies, Local Authorities and Individuals to help them make informed decisions. Our experts use the latest technology and tools to provide accurate and reliable weather forecasts.


We become your weather partners!

Meteorology support is not static or even generic, but adapts to your needs and is regularly updated with the latest data. In addition, you are constantly updated via telephone service, messenger, email, etc.


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Giving significant emphasis on improving service quality and continuously striving to satisfy its customers, the Company has obtained internationally recognized certification for its Quality Management System according to the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 standard (learn more).


Our company provides weather forecasting and extreme weather prediction services with an emphasis on accuracy, specialization, and tailored approach to our clients' needs.


While there are free services offered by apps and official agencies, it has been proven that they are not sufficient. Our company fills this gap as we specialize in providing forecasts that are more accurate, earlier, and focus on specific areas and needs, always taking into account geographical criteria such as drainage basins, streams, flood risk based on statistical analysis, etc.


We provide earlier forecasts, with the ability to identify severe weather events 8-15 days in advance. This is achieved not only through the use of deterministic forecasting but also through various scenarios produced by predictive models.

We closely monitor real weather conditions using technologies such as radar and satellite imagery, as well as data from meteorological stations. This allows us to provide 'nowcasting,' i.e., forecasts with high accuracy and reliability based on current conditions and updates from predictive models.


We provide monthly and seasonal forecasts, thus offering our clients a more comprehensive picture of the weather and its future changes.


Our clients benefit from our expertise and our ability to provide personalized solutions designed for their needs. Additionally, our forecasts for extreme weather events are extremely important for businesses and organizations that rely on weather conditions for their operations.


Timely and accurate forecasts and frequent updates on weather developments can help our clients make optimal decisions for their activities.


Finally, our customer support is accessible and professional, helping them fully utilize our services.




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Athens, Greece

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