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We customize our services according to your needs

Meteorological support of Companies

We undertake full meteorological coverage for various businesses whose activities are affected by or depend on the weather conditions.

Rural Cooperatives and Farmers

Our company provides critical forecasts for dangerous weather phenomena due to climate change. This is crucial for farmers and rural cooperatives as it allows them to anticipate and adapt to extreme weather conditions. By utilizing our services, farmers and cooperatives will benefit from increased security and efficiency in their agricultural activities, reducing the risk of losses and improving the production and quality of their crops.

Energy Sector Companies

Our company offers precise weather forecasts tailored to the needs of the energy sector. Companies in this sector can benefit from the accuracy and reliable information to make decisions regarding resource management, energy production, and facility safety. By using our services, they can reduce operational costs, improve the performance of their facilities, and minimize risks associated with extreme weather conditions.

Other Companies

Our services are critical for companies dependent on weather conditions, such as those in the construction, tourism, and entertainment industries, as they provide accurate forecasts enabling effective and planned operations. By utilizing our services, these companies can avoid delays due to adverse weather conditions and enhance the performance of their operations

Our services include but are not limited to:

Weather forecasts

Providing weather forecast for the area and the period of interest.  

The update is not limited to sending the forecast as...

  • We monitor the development of real weather conditions

  • We provide ongoing weather support via email, phone, etc.

  • We update existing forecasts in case the forecasts change.

15 day weather trend

Assessment of the weather trend for the area of interest for the next fortnight from which important conclusions can be drawn such as the possible occurrence of extreme phenomena.

Monthly estimates

Estimation of weather deviations in relation to the climate data for the next month where important conclusions can be drawn in relation to the conditions that are usual for the season and region.

The estimate for the next month is given to the interested party around the 20th of the current month.

Seasonal estimates

Estimation of weather deviations in relation to climate data for the next season as a whole. The estimate for the next season is given to the interested party about 10 days before the start of the next season.

These are general estimates with a low percentage of verification, but from which various trends for the next season can be detected.

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